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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Still playing after all these years

It looks like Colgate Great Ryan Vena is headed back to Albany for some AF2 ball. Vena was very successful in the past for Albany before spending two seasons in Columbus for the parent league, the AFL. Good luck Ryan!

I still have a hunch though that one day Vena will be back at Colgate in a coaching capacity. We'll see...

Friday, March 24, 2006

Look what I found

In the tangled web of the internet, I stumbled across a I-AA blog that I have not seen before, and it is from one our our regular opponents, Dartmouth.

Check out Big Green Alert when you have a chance or if you are interested in seeing what is going down in Hanover. The biggest news right now would be the construction going on at Memorial Field.

They are upgrading the turf and building a new Varsity House.

It's always interesting to hear what is going on at other places and to read up on their off-season news.

Hockey Recruit (yes, I'm still here)

It's been a while since my last post, and I'm still alive and healthy. Just busy - and it's just a slow time of year for football news. Yes, we've got spring ball going and position battles to ponder, but I'm finding that those discussions are better had on message boards. Anyhow, there is a bit of news to share.

I believe this won't be news to many, but here is a story on Ethan Cox, Colgate's latest hockey recruit from B.C. Cox was the MVP for the Powell River Kings. Welcome to Colgate Ethan!

In other news, I'm still enjoying the men's lacrosse win over Navy, and I hope they continue to roll at Army this weekend. It's a real big game for them to continue turning out wins against historically strong teams as well as it's a Patriot League game that will determine the playoffs down the road.

I hope to get something on how spring practice is going, but for now... it's the down time of the year!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The End of "AA"?

The commisioneer of the Big Sky conference, Doug Fullerton, gives a very interesting interview on the I-AA Waves radio show last night. You can listen to the February 28th podcast here.

Fullerton talks about an upcoming meeting in April where some of the often discussed issues in I-AA will be addressed. In particular, there is serious support for a 'rebranding' of I-AA into something that does not separate the I-AA schools from I-A as much, and instead calling us all Division I. The separation would then be along the lines of BCS and Playoff Championship Series.

There is also talk of more support for the playoffs and the championship game in terms of money and advertising, as well as making the atmosphere of the championship game more like a bowl game.

Give it a listen. It's the first few minutes of the podcast. The quality is a little grainy because it's a recorded phone call, but if you turn it up, you can hear what is being said.

So, don't be surprised if Colgate's last season of "AA" has already passed! PCS, here we come?

Also, be sure to check out to check out the new athletics site design. I think it's a great step forward for our school! Nice job Athletics!