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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Week 5 Picks

Colgate over Georgetown
Things would have to be really bad for Colgate to lose two in a row at home, but after last week's performance it's not off the table. Georgetown will need to take it's game up a notch to upset the Raiders but I think the offense has to start clicking at some point for Colgate.

Holy Cross over Fordham
The Rams have had the Crusaders number the past several years, but based on play so far I'd be silly to try and predict that again.

Yale over Lafayette
Got to go with the Ivy Jinx for Lafayette until they prove otherwise. Yale isn't Columbia...

Bucknell over Marist
Even in last year's ugly season, the Bison could be the Red Foxes. Bucknell seems to be a bit improved, so this year shouldn't be any different.

Harvard over Lehigh
It's hard to predict a Lehigh loss at home, and even harder to predict a 1-3 start to the year. Harvard however is just too good to not favour here.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Week 4 Picks

Georgetown over Columbia
Despite losing to Brown, the Hoyas put up some offense and still have a very good defense. Columbia is Columbia, and while they beat Fordham, I'm going to be hopeful and think the Hoyas can step up to the plate here.

Richmond over Bucknell
Nice win last weekend Bison, but the Spiders are a class above Cornell. If the Bison are able to beat Richmond, then it will be time to reevaluate the consensus of the ball club in Lewisburg.

Colgate over Monmouth
Unfortunately for Monmouth, the secret of the NEC has long since been let out of the bag. No one in Hamilton should be taking this lightly, and winning at Andy Kerr is not an easy thing for an opposing team to do. I think we'll see the Raiders build on last week's win over Dartmouth.

Holy Cross over Marist
Please crusaders, please. If you can't win this one, there might be more work needed in Worcester than I thought.

Princeton over Lafayette
Combine Princeton's win over Lehigh with Lafayette's loss to Penn, add to it a historical inabilty to beat Ivy teams, and it would be silly to pick the Leopards here. Prove me wrong, please.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Week 3 Picks

Again, I'm dissappointed that I do not have the time to do a full write up, and I'm questioning the worth of this blog if I can't spend the time I need to in order for it to be a quality experience. I'm not pulling the plug just yet, but it is definitely on my mind. The new career and family changes just don't leave much time for this endevour. We'll see if it settles down some or not and then make a decision.

This week's picks:

Harvard over Holy Cross 24-21
Holy Cross kind of stalled after looking strong against Northeastern. I don't think they can beat a quality team like Harvard... yet.

Fordham over Columbia 14-10
Prydatko, Prydatko, Prydatko. The recipe for Fordham success. Columbia shouldn't be able to stop it.

Lafayette over Penn 28-18
Nothing says a team is hitting on all cylinders than a 31-0 shutout of a league opponent. Monkey #1 comes off the Leopards backs this Saturday.

Brown over Georgetown 17-9
Georgetown has a defense worthy of this contest. Without the offense though, this one is too tough for the Hoyas.

Lehigh over Princeton 23-14
Mountain Hawks continue to find their stride in out of conference matchups, getting better for the games that really count.

Colgate over Dartmouth 27-17
Colgate begins to find its footing after a week off to gel. Last year's tough loss still stings.

Cornell over Bucknell 28-14
Cornell is looking to be a top Ivy team this year, and they're not Duquense.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Week 2: Prognosticating the Patriot

Just the picks this weeks folks. It's getting tough to keep this up with all I've got going on.

Lafayette over Bucknell - It was nice to see the Bison scoring some points, but Lafayette is a better team than Duquesne.

Stony Brook over Georgetown - The Hoyas won last year, but Stony Brook is getting better.

Holy Cross over Northeastern - Why not? Maybe the Crusaders can impress here.

Villanova over Lehigh - The Albany loss doesn't instill much confidence in the Mountain Hawks, but a win here is certainly possible.

Albany over Fordham - An ugly two Patriot League losses in a row to NEC teams gets that scholarship discussion moving!

Colgate's idle.