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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The End of "AA"?

The commisioneer of the Big Sky conference, Doug Fullerton, gives a very interesting interview on the I-AA Waves radio show last night. You can listen to the February 28th podcast here.

Fullerton talks about an upcoming meeting in April where some of the often discussed issues in I-AA will be addressed. In particular, there is serious support for a 'rebranding' of I-AA into something that does not separate the I-AA schools from I-A as much, and instead calling us all Division I. The separation would then be along the lines of BCS and Playoff Championship Series.

There is also talk of more support for the playoffs and the championship game in terms of money and advertising, as well as making the atmosphere of the championship game more like a bowl game.

Give it a listen. It's the first few minutes of the podcast. The quality is a little grainy because it's a recorded phone call, but if you turn it up, you can hear what is being said.

So, don't be surprised if Colgate's last season of "AA" has already passed! PCS, here we come?

Also, be sure to check out to check out the new athletics site design. I think it's a great step forward for our school! Nice job Athletics!


  • I think that the new athletic site is a substantial improvement over the previous one. Good job!

    By Anonymous Lennie, at 2:42 PM  

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