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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Give Jim Nagle a Raise!

By virtue of an 8-6 victory in Lewisburg today, Colgate wins it's first ever men's Patriot League lacrosse title! CONGRATULATIONS COLGATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great season and I don't think we may be done just yet. Home field advantage will be nice as we're 8-0 at home this year, and the games will be tough, but we just might make it to the NCAAs. If you can make it out to Hamilton, Colgate will be hosting Army on Saturday at Tyler's field. Be there!

Now I sit and ponder how awesome it would have been if the women had come through too and Colgate had swept the Patriot League lacrosse season...

Taking a step back though, I think we need to all appreciate just how awesome this year has been athletically at Colgate. In my mind, we just swept the regular season titles in 'major' men's sports at Colgate this year: football, hockey and lacrosse. We've never done that before. I'm pumped! Throw in women's soccer winning a share of the title, the strides made in men's soccer and women's swimming and that's a pretty darn good year for Colgate athletics. It's even more impressive when both football and hockey were 'rebuilding', and men's lacrosse plays in one of the toughest leagues in the country.

Yes dear readers, Colgate sports are alive and well (well, except for basketball perhaps, but no need to really go into that) and in my humble opinion, they look even better next year. Let's Go 'Gate!

Oh, and in my mind, Bucknell's lacrosse program falling to 2-4 in the Patriot League just sealed any lingering doubts about their move to scholarships next year. I think they make a 'Colgate-like' jump in the next 3 months or so.


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