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Saturday, April 08, 2006

I can't say I love this press

A column in Slate just popped up on my radar screen. The acticle is about the culture of lacrosse players in light of the Duke lacrosse incident. The author makes many statements about the priviledged backgrounds of lacrosse players and uses this snide comment to get his point home:

Some aficionados take pride in the fact that their sport was invented by Native Americans, but I don't imagine many members of the Onondaga Nation end up playing lax at Colgate.
How I'd love to have an example to shoot back to this writer to prove him wrong...


  • C13, have you had any luck figuring out whether any Onandagans have played lacrosse for Colgate? It seems pretty likely that it's happened at least once over the years. I'm working on a rebuttal to that idiotic Slate article, and I, too, would love to stick it to that writer.
    -Josh McHugh

    By Blogger redw0rm, at 12:04 PM  

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