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Thursday, April 13, 2006

April 27, 2006: I-AA R.I.P.

The NCAA will meet this month as they always do, except this year the following is on the table for consideration:

(1) Increase the travel party to 135 persons for preliminary rounds and to 150 persons for the championship game. The increase should include increases of a similar percentage for the squad size with these travel party limits.

(2) Local ground transportation expenses covered by the NCAA.

(3) Seeding eight teams in the championship bracket.

(4) Elimination of the current subdivision designations of the Division I-A and I-AA. Institutions that sponsor football should collectively be referred to as “Division I Football” and the former subdivisions would be referred to as “Bowl Division” and “Championship Division” as “Playoff Division.”

They are all of interest, but in particular the last item should be looked at and appears to be happening. It looks like I-AA will become Division I, no subclassification. We'll just be in the Playoff Championship Group. More to come...


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