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Sunday, May 21, 2006

New Yardstick Up

While the majority are concerned about NEC scholarships and think it is time to get them in the Patriot League, it is a fairly wide distribution of opinion on the recent poll. Here's the final breakdown out of 67 votes:
39% are very concerned
16% are somewhat concerned
27% are not really concerned
10% are not concerned at all
We'll get to see how it plays out over the years I guess. Monmouth this year and Albany in 2007 will give us a glimpse of what kind of talent the NEC can attract with scholarships.
The new poll is related to my most recent AGS post. I'm fairly high on Colgate this year in terms of Patriot League play and think they deserve some top 25 consideration. What's the rest of the 13 Yard Line readership think? Time to vote!


  • I'll tack this to my cork board! I put the "three of us" back to back (ranked #20-Colgate, #21-Lehigh and #22 Lafayette). As I've said elsewhere, you can throw a blanket over these three pre-season. All with returning talent, all with holes to fill. We'll know before the PL even starts who will be a player. Barring an upset by one of the 'other four' there is a decent chance of the three-way tie.

    By Blogger Ngineer, at 10:24 PM  

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