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Friday, May 06, 2005

Lafayette's Spring Game

The Title Defense Begins

"The 2004 season was arguably the best in the 120-year history of the Lafayette Football Team. Week after week, the Leopards shocked the college football world by winning in dramatic fashion over heavily favored opponents. All in all, the Leopards won respect in the Patriot League. However, success last season does not translate into guaranteed success in 2005. To a certain degree, the Leopards will have to put the past behind them and move on."

Some highlights of the read:

  • Jon Hurt, heir apparent to McCourt, only carried the ball 3 times (for 14 yards). Wonder why the relatively small amount of action? Injury?
  • The back up to Mauer, Pat Davis, sounds capable as he ran a few drives and had a score.
  • Archie Fisher (wide reciever) is back from injury (he was out most of last year) and had a TD
  • Freshman TB D'Urso sounds like he had a good game

We play them for their last home game of the season. Keep the streak alive!


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