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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Huge Men's Lax Class

The Men's Lacrosse Team Announces 2009 Class

14 players. That's a ton. Some names to watch:

Brandon Corp (mid) - local kid from Chittenango. He's supposedly a multi-sport athlete that could have played football, basketball or lacrosse at a school like Colgate. It's too bad that the PL probably won't allow Corp to play two sports (football) if he wanted because of the scholarship issue. I also doubt Nagle would want a superstar playing football and risking injury.

Kevin Collelouri (attack) - All Long Island from Bethpage, a good lax school.

Brian Cain (goal) - one of the top goalies on Long Island.

I wonder where else these kids were considering and if scholarships made a difference? Did we steal any from Cornell or Princeton? That would be the goal in this sport: Take the Ivy kids with scholarships.


  • 13, there is some speculation that if/when Lafayette adopts scholarships, they may go with a Colgate-type plan. How does this work? Will Gate announce publicly the number of lax schollies? Name the athletes? Is there an NCAA webpage where this info can be found? This is a whole new world. If one is going to cite Gate's schollies as an excuse for a loss (and I fully intend to), one would benefit from an accurate count.

    By Anonymous Andy, at 11:42 AM  

  • Andy -

    There must be NCAA data on this. I know that men's lax is getting 2-3 scholarships a year and dividing it amongst a larger number than that. I just don't know where it is or how up to date it is since we've only done this for 1 year.

    Does it matter to announce it publicly who gets what? I think that a coach will not want to single out his players in that manner and create tension along scholarship lines. I'm sure PL has the information Lafayette would need, as well as Colgate shouldn't be hiding anything.

    Colgate's plan is/was pretty simple: Take the amount you spend in need based grants and convert them into scholarship equivalencies. If a student is academically qualified to be admitted to Colgate without athletics AND they have a need, they can get need based grants and athletic scholarships. This allows the coach to bring in more players on scholarship AND encourages them to recruit players that are closer to the regular student body in terms of academics. So while lax might have 2 scholarships, they're spreading it across 4 or 5 players a year.

    By Blogger colgate13, at 2:28 PM  

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