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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Could it happen again?

When the Ivy considered leaving the NCAA

Granted it was for different reasons (TV revenue) but could the Ivy League ever back out of NCAA football and go their own way? They practically don't compete as it is now by avoiding the playoffs, they continue to award Ivy League championships in sports like Ice Hockey even though they play in the ECAC and they have the brand name to maybe just do it.

It would be a compelling situation should the Ivy's decide that NCAA Division I has become too commerical but they didn't want to go D-III. What if they offered the Patriot League teams to join them?

There is the issue of NCAA revenue from basketball, but these are the richest schools in the world. They could also use their brand to get TV deals and market themselves as the NCAA alternative.

It's a stretch, but it is still fun to think about.


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