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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Patriot League Extends Femovich's Contract


Femovich, who's been the head honcho of the PL since 1999, got her contract extended through 2009. All in all I have no complaints about her. The PL has grown and matured under her tenure.


  • Her comments in the student newspaper THE LAFAYETTE leave me cold:

    "Bucknell's success was partially but not solely based on...athletic scholarships. Many schools that give scholarships are not successful. It is one tool that can make success," said Femovich. "But Bucknell efficiently used their resources to build success, such as their reputation and brand new facilities. They used their resources to their benefit."

    Come on, at least admit that schollies are the primary reason for success. When her predecessors allowed scholarships, when she brought in AU, did they make those decisions without realizing what an impact schollies would have on the competitive balance? I'd like her to point out a PL team that hasn't benefitted upon adoption of schollies. Obviously, HC's facilities hadn't changed when they began to lose football games or to win bball games. AU is undefeated in PL volleyball four seasons in a row. Must be a hell of a facility. I just think that her statement is unfair to the one "have-not" left in the league. There is a record of how teams have done when the scholarship "tool" is removed from or added to the toolbox.

    By Anonymous Andy, at 9:52 AM  

  • But... I have to agree with her in principle. Scholarships do not insure success. Lehigh basketball hasn't exactly become a powerhouse now with the scholarships they're giving. They're winning, but in this case it's more about staying even competitively.

    Bucknell is very much like Colgate in many ways (and Lafayette too). Will Colgate magically upset Kansas after giving basketball scholarships for 3 years? I would be shocked. There's more to the equation than just scholarships. Scholarships are one BIG part, but they're not a panacea for Patriot League schools.

    If anything, the jab that she makes is in her last statement: "They used their resources to their benefit". I'm sure you would agree that right now Lafayette is not using its athletic resources soley for its athletic benefit? If they did, they'd do it in the most efficient manner possible: scholarships.

    By Blogger colgate13, at 2:36 PM  

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