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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Defensive Lineman from New York

I keep finding these releases that I should have found a while ago, but I haven't seen his name mentioned elsewhere, so I guess this is a 'scoop'!

Chris Giardini, Defensive Lineman/End from Archbishop Stepinac High School in White Plains, 'signed' with Colgate back on February 1st. Chris is a big boy at 6'3" and 285 lbs. and sounds fast for his position with 4.87 40. I'm really impressed we're getting someone with his weight straight out of high school. I've said this before elsewhere, but big AND fast defensive lineman are at a premium in college football. Often in I-AA and especially in the Patriot League, we are taking slightly undersized players and having them mature into the position. Chris doesn't sound like he needs much maturing, but god help our opponents if he does!

The release mentions who Chris says we beat out for him, and it's a nice list to discuss: Holy Cross, Fordham, Lehigh, Lafayette, Cornell, and Albany. Nice to see we're taking a kid from the rest of the Patriots, our rival Cornell and the upstart Danes of the NEC. Of course, the reminder to take everything with a grain of salt comes with the last sentence that states Chris will be receiving an academic scholarship of $120,000 for four years. We all know that's a load of crap.

Still, welcome to Colgate Chris!


  • Great to see Colgate bringing in some size on the defensive side. I remember a Dartmouth offensive lineman saying that although Colgate had quick and aggressive defensive players on the line, they were somewhat undersized.

    Looks like we are on our way to change that description!

    By Anonymous Lennie, at 7:58 PM  

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