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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Our Newest Favorite Teams

I've never felt good about our at-large chances for the playoffs, so I thought Colgate fans might want a breakdown of who we should be looking at to trip up on Saturday to better our chances. Here it goes:

1. Lafayette

No brainer here. We want the Leopards to 'shock' the Mountain Hawks and gift wrap us the autobid (with a Georgetown win of course - I'm not ready to take that to the bank yet based on this season). It would be a nice gesture for Lafayette to do so, because our loss last year to Bucknell is what opened up the autobid to them. If we would have won that game, it would have been a three way tie for first and the autobid most likely would have went to Lehigh. I wouldn't mind sharing the Patriot League title with Lafayette, so how about it Pards?

2. Montana

What? They're in the playoffs no matter what. BUT, a loss to Eastern Washington gives them the autobid and puts the Griz into the at large poll, knocking us on notch further down the list.

3. Sam Houston State and McNeese State (tie)

Sam Houston State plays Texas State, a team very much in the hunt for an at-large berth or even an autobid with a Nichols State loss. A loss puts them at 8-3. McNeese faces off against Nichols State who is in the drivers seat for the Southland autobid. A McNeese win might put them on the at-large table, but coupled with a Nichols loss, gives them the autobid. Personally, I think we want to see a Texas State win with a McNeese State win. Autobid goes to Texas State who is an at large now, and McNeese is probably a weaker at large case than we are.

4. North Dakota State

The Bison play Southern Illinois, who lost their autobid chances last weekend to Northern Iowa. A loss by the Salukis puts them at 7-4 and outside the playoffs looking in. NDSU is a not playoff eligible yet, so a win by them has no effect on us.

5. William and Mary

The Tribe faces off against hot hot hot Richmond, who still has a shot at the A-10 autobid with some help and is sure to be a lock as an at-large with a win. This is the oldest rivalry of the south, so anything can happen. William and Mary looked good early in the season, and a win by them doesn't get them in the playoffs.

6. Idaho State

We'd love to see Idaho State take Cal Poly out of the at large picture. We get in over a four loss Stang team.

7. Massachusetts

I won't mention a UMass loss as helping us, because honestly, I don't think it does. Sure, UMass losing would be one more four loss team as compared to our three losses, and we would own a win over them. But we want UMass to be the huge feather in our cap come Selection Sunday. That would be the marquee win for us and somehting that some other bubble teams might not have. So go Minutemen - roll over Hofstra.

So that's how I see it. We've got 8 teams to root for on Saturday, starting with Colgate and going on down this list. Anyone I missed?


  • the subject, but I'd like to see you breakdown and compare the LC and LU teams. You have seen both against Gate and should have a different prospective than Chuck B, whose breakdown was great in his own right. I know you have a Gtown game to think about but this game is building up to be one of the great ones.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:24 AM  

  • I'll do the best that I can in the Prognosticating piece that will come out later today. I gave a lot of what I had to say on the Lafayette Voy Board, but I'll try to give any more insight that I see.

    By Blogger colgate13, at 10:49 AM  

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