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Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Streak Continues

It was ugly, but I'll take it. By virtue of our 18-15 win over Lafayette, we're back in first place. We are also now HUGE Pard fans from here on out.

I thought this game would come down to turnovers and boy, were they a factor! It is frustrating as a fan, so we can all only imagine what it is like for the team.

The biggest bright spot in my mind was the fact that some of our biggest play makers will be back next year on offense. If they can have another off season and spring to go, I think they will be a great team next year. The second biggest bright spot is our schedule: we get Bucknell at home and Georgetown on the road to finish out the season. Our team should not lighten up in the least, but our chances of at least sharing the championship just took a few huges steps forward.

The downside: turnovers, giving up the big defensive play and not being able to capitalize on Lafayette's errors. Frankly, we're very lucky with this win. A few timely catches and a little help from the refs certainly gave us an extra boost when needed.

Recognition must go to the Leopard defense for giving us all we could handle. That is quite a crew in Easton. Maurer also brought his 'A' game and should be proud of his effort. Good luck from here on out Lafayette.

I'd love to hear thoughts from anyone who was actually at the game.


  • I was there. The Pards controlled the line of scrimage on both sides of the ball. Our skill players, particularly the wide out with some great catches gave 'Gate the edge needed to prevail. I was very surprised to see the time of possession as the feeling was that our defense was out on the field most of the time.
    Their pass defense was much, much tighter than our as confirmed by how quickly they moved down the field in the 4Q. We did adjust to Hurt coming out of the backfield and beating out line backers repeatedly. Our decision making on the offense leaves something to be desired. On the other hand one can only be optimistic about Jordan Scott. This kid is something. And I still feel that if he can get some palying time JJ Bennett will break a few.

    By Anonymous the last indian, at 10:03 AM  

  • I don't know how you can say the offensive play calling leaves something to be desired. Long play to Burke, screen to Scott for a TD, and long pass for winning TD. Also Saraceno was playing with a separated shoulder suffered in the second quarter (gutsy kid).

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:27 AM  

  • That is not what I was referring to, I meant on the field. Sorry if I was not clear.

    By Anonymous the last indian, at 5:19 PM  

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