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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

New Poll

Seems to me that we are in need of a new poll. This one's about the playoffs. Please vote!

The results on Jordan Scott are pretty impressive. 59% of you that voted think he is the tailback of the future for the Raiders. 30% of you are still holding out for more results while 11% of you think no.

I'm curious what those 11% are thinking! I think Jordan's all but got Patriot League Rookie of the Year wrapped up. I also think he's a strong candidate for all Patriot League. I think Steve Silva will get the first team. The real question will be will he get the second team nod over James Prydatko from Fordham? The senior Prydatko is currently ranked 17th in the nation with 948 yards rushing and a 4.8 yards per carry average. He's played in all 9 games also scored 5 touchdowns.

By comparision the freshman Scott is ranked 36th in the nation. He has run for 799 yards in only 7 games with an average of 3.8 yards per carry and 6 touchdowns.

Here's how I see it breaking down: The case for Prydatko is built on overall totals and the sentimental pick for a senior over a freshman. The case for Scott is that in six starts he's put up 5 100 yard games and is doing it for a potential league championship team.

My personal biased opinion? Prydatko has been hot/cold. Five of his games have been 71 yards or less rushing games. He's only had one touchdown in those same games. His four other games have been for 143 yards or more. His four other touchdowns are in those games. Scott's been much more consistent.

Maybe it will come down to who those voting would rather want starting for their team? Again biased, but I think Prydatko's been a workhorse with some flash but Scott has been solid with a huge upside and the potential to win games for you. Homer and I would take Scott in a heartbeat.

He's got two more games (fingers crossed for maybe more) to prove his case. I think he just might do it.

Now the real interesting question to ponder is: who's getting first team quarterback? Does Borda still own that? Saraceno will have more yards by the time the season is done but probably a lower rating. Kaloma Cardwell got the all league nod after an injury last year. Will it be two in a row for the Mountain Hawks? We shall see.


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