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Friday, November 18, 2005

Georgetown Scouting Report

My apologies. This is not meant to be a slight against the Hoyas or make it seem like it is 'in the bag". I was called away today and have not really had a chance to do a full report. This will be a short and sweet version since it's late, and I still have stuff to do!


The Georgetown offense has frankly struggled this season, and while they haven't experienced the quarterback troubles Bucknell has, they are basically in the same boat. Oddly enough, they also run a similar option offense.

If you look at some of the league statistics, the Hoyas are last in scoring (10.9 points per game), sixth in passing (107 yards per game), last in turnovers (.90 turnover margin), sixth in rushing offense (125.9 yards per game) and last in total offense at almost 140 yards less per game than Colgate (232.9 vs. 361.7). The tale of the tape doesn't look pretty for the Georgetown offense.

Nick Cangelosi is the quarterback and main offensive threat. He puts up about 30 yards on the ground and 100 yards in the air each game. The main running threat is Marcus Slayton, a freshman rushing for a little less than 70 yards per game. After that, there really isn't much to speak of.

Just like Bucknell last week, the main job of the Colgate defense will be to stop the run and force the Hoyas to pass; something they either choose not to do or have not had much success doing. If the defense can hold the Hoyas in the first quarter and the Raider offense can get some points on the board, we will most likely have a field day in shutting down their attack. This teams has shown some ability in coming back from behind, but if we can tee off on predictable situations, there will be a lot of three and outs.

The danger for our defense will be to leave our brains back in Hamilton. Unlikely given the magnitude of this game (Patriot League title and possible playoffs on the line; last game for seniors) however it is still possible. This is one of those matchups that the longer Georgetown stays in it, the more confident they are they can win. We barely escaped in 2003 with a 'W', so I won't rest easy until the whole 60 minutes are done in this one.


Thankfully for the Hoyas, the defense hasn't had the same type of woes the offense has. It's a fairly respectable crew that does pretty well against the run (middle of the pack in the Patriot League) and, believe it or not, actually gives up less passing yards per game than Lafayette or Colgate! You could take the sarcastic view and state that teams haven't need to pass against the Hoyas, but in reality, I don't think this defensive group is a bunch of pushovers. Even in last year's shutout, the burden of blame fell on the lack of Georgetown offense, not defensive performance.

Again, no slight to Georgetown meant here, but this side of the ball really comes down to which Colgate offense decides to show up. Is it the offense from the first half of Bucknell or the 4th quarter? If we turn the ball over and are ineffective on 'O', that's bad news for Colgate because this defense will be able to stop us from time to time. If we play solid Colgate football, we will have a big day.

Special Teams

I can't see this area being a big part of this game, but I sure could be wrong. This one shouldn't be decided by field goals, and we've cooled off a bit in the return game. Maybe we'll have some nice returns, but all in all, just don't turn the ball over and we'll be fine.

The Skinny

Just win baby. Colgate players have to know what is on the line here. Regardless of playoffs, this group has to be fired up about this one. A win means this group of seniors has won three of Colgate's five Patriot League championships. Simply amazing. There are plenty of 'no-namers' doing it in this group, but that accomplishment would have to put them in the company of some of Colgate's best classes ever.

We play Colgate football and don't turn the ball over, and it will be a fine day for a Raider win, and in turn some scoreboard watching up in Bethlehem.

As always, LET'S GO 'GATE!


  • It may not be a "slight", but you've been down on the hoyas all year.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:52 PM  

  • Not so. Georgtown just wasn't in it today. Hard to beat the gate without an offense.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:55 PM  

  • I have?

    I seem to remember thinking way back in August they could make some noise this year. Then I remember giving them praise for beating Bucknell.

    I also remember getting burned by them when I've picked them to win.

    The harshest things I've ever said about Georgetown are back last year when they lost to Monmouth (swearing not to pick them in a mid-major again until they win) and in this write up where I stated they don't have much offensively. Frankly, I think that was just pointing out the truth.

    Am I missing something?

    By Blogger colgate13, at 11:23 PM  

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