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Friday, October 14, 2005

Fordham Scouting Report

Well, I can only wait so long. I've been delaying this write up because I've been waiting for Fordham to post game notes online. I'm still waiting. Since the game is less than 24 hours away, I don't think I can wait any longer, so please forgive the length of this scouting report. I've got little to go on from Fordham.

(Editor's note: About half way through writing this, game notes came online. I've used them were I could.)

It's been a long time since Fordham won at Andy Kerr Stadium. One has to go back to the dark days of Raider football, the 1995 0-11 season, to find the only Ram win in Central New York. This year's crew from the Bronx comes to Hamilton having graduated some of the biggest names to come through their storied program. With an 0-5 record so far and an average of about 2 touchdowns a game, frankly, it has been noticed. It's also been a season so far full of road trips as this will be the fifth time in six games that the Rams have boarded a bus to play a game.


Fordham has been struggling in this department but does have some talent to be wary of if they can find a way to put it all together. For now, their main threat is running back James Prydatko who has racked up some nice rushing yards and is a threat in other facets as well. Quarterback Derric Daniels has struggled in his starting role this season and his back up could see some time if the day does not go well. Erik Conroy and Rashawn Haynes appear to be his main targets to throw too, as well as Daniels is a threat to run himself.

Part of the Fordham woes this season stem from an offensive line has been battered by injuries, as evidenced by a freshman and a sophomore starting at the guard positions. We may never know, but a healthy offensive line from training camp on out might have produced a different ending to a game or two this year.


Marcus Taylor and Jay Edwards are the big names for the Ram defense. They are a fast crew that matches up in a lot of places with Colgate. But regardless of matchups, Fordham has been giving up per game an average of 168 yards rushing, 220 yards passing and 30 points per game. Whatever the problem(s) is, this is a drop off from last season and if Fordham is to have any chance to win this game, they will need to keep Colgate to less than these averages.

In good news for Colgate, Mark Mushel has snuck back into the two deep after seeing some limited time last weekend against Princeton. As a two year start, Mark's absence has been noticed on the line. Should the need arise, it is good to know that Mushel is ready to go against Fordham.

Special Teams

On a good note, Fordham has probably got the best punter in the Patriot League in Anthony DiFino. They will need some good tackling to go with that punting as the big question will be, can Fordham stop Geoff Bean? Bean is currently 11th in the nation in kick off returns and 12th in punt returns. He is a threat to break a big one every time he touches the ball.

The Skinny

The weather and field conditions might not end up being great, but since when has that hurt Colgate? Run oriented, ball control offense with sure handed receivers seems to me a great formula when playing in less than ideal conditions. I don't see the weather providing Fordham with any opportunities to level the playing field other than if the slippery ball bounces some funny ways.

My biggest worry is that this team had talent on paper coming into the season. For whatever reason, it hasn't panned out that way. This is a team of junior and senior starters that has been beaten but should remember what it was like to win. Will this be the game that the cornered and hurting Rams decides to thrash out with all its got and take Colgate by surprise?

Some spirited play by Prydatko, along with Daniels finding his rhythm and Colgate sputtering because of a bouncy and slippery ball is the recipe for Colgate disaster. I do not think it will happen, but Raider fans should not go into this game too confident. There might be a Ram on the sideline who finally gets his call because the starter isn't producing and we could all watch lightning strike.

The keys to a Colgate victory are, as we are all coming to learn, quite simple. Jordan Scott for 100 yards rushing, multiple receivers touching the ball, significant time of possession advantage, solid run defense and smothering pass coverage, great field position from kick and punt returns, and lastly but most importantly, little to no turnovers. Simple to articulate I should say. Simple to execute? For the past two weeks, yes. Let's hope it continues.

Current weather forecast has Hamilton with a break in the constant drizzle and rain that has plagued the area. There is a chance of actually seeing the sun, but there is a greater chance for some more rain as the day wears on. It will be in the mid 60s, so for anyone who has been to Hamilton, you know it could be worse!

As always, Let's Go 'Gate!


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