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Monday, October 10, 2005

Typical Patriot League Disrespect

The more I stew on this, the more I get pissed off. So I thought I'd share. The Sports Network's writer, Matt Dougherty, had some comments in his most recent article that illustrate to me complete and utter unfounded bias.

This year has been a crazy one in I-AA and the upsets have taken place all over. No team has stood out as a clear front runner to win several conferences, much less the national championship. Dougherty makes this point by saying:

The depth in the Atlantic 10, Big Sky, Gateway, Southern and Southland Conferences will keep the races interesting on a weekly basis, and the last playoff spots could leave room for heated debate in November.
Hmm... I thought the Patriot League had a very interesting race going on? Oh, wait, he's making a statement about depth. So why doesn't the Patriot League fit in? Reading later on in the article tells me why:

Holy Cross put a punctuation on its early-season success by stunning Lehigh, 13-10, on Saturday to move to 4-2. The Crusaders’ only losses came against Delaware and Harvard. With a mediocre season for the Patriot League, the Crusaders should be in the hunt for the title down to the wire.
Mediocre season? We've got four teams with a legitimate shot at winning the Patriot League, and it's not because of depth. No, no. It's because we're mediocre this year.

How can you make a statement and not see the ridiculousness of it? Let's look at the A-10: Towson beats Delaware and Rhode Island. Rhode Island beats William & Mary. William and Mary beats New Hampshire. And that's just in conference! James Madison loses to Coastal Carolina, Richmond loses to Lafayette and Massachusetts loses to Colgate. But that's depth dear readers! It's soooo different than mediocrity. Can't you see the difference?

What's that you say? Fordham's 0-5 and Bucknell is 1-4? That's what he's getting at? Well I'll take his Fordham and give him Northeastern. For Bucknell, he can have a pick of Maine, Richmond or Villanova, all sitting at 2-3.

We've got four teams who could all end with six or more wins, all having a shot at the Patriot League Championship. That's depth. That's a great thing for this league. That is not, in any shape or form, mediocrity.


  • Dougherty's a hump, plain and simple. You're absolutely right - depthy does not equal mediocrity.

    By Anonymous JRGNYR, at 6:07 PM  

  • When you have a bias as you examine the data, you can support almost any pre-conceived conclusion. Clearly, that's what happened here. I guess the assumption is that (Scholarships = Superior Teams). Yep, spending money always gets it done...ask George Steinbrenner.

    By Blogger LBPop, at 5:54 PM  

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