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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

UMass Game Notes Released


First thing I took a look at was the depth chart. Some shaking around has taken place. First off, in the skill positions Steve Hansen is now officially the #2 guy at tailback. Last week it was Joe Pinion. I also see this as confirmation that he is not hurt. Then, freshman David Morgan cracks the two deep at split end. Erik Burke moves to DeWayne Long's back up at flanker, taking the place of junior Craig Perkins. Finally, Brent Dillingham replaces Tyrone Gould as the second team tight end. No change to the Saraceno/Sloan spots at quarterback.

The offensive line has been officially shook up. Todd Mulligan moves from right tackle to left guard and freshman Steve Jonas gets the start at right tackle. According to the game notes, Jonas did in fact start against CCSU and was the first freshman to start at offensive line in Biddle's tenure. The two deep for CCSU was apparently wrong! Matt Sullivan, a sophomore, get his first crack at the two deep behind Jonas. Mark Mushel moves from starting left guard to backup right guard. So from left to right the line is now Wurst, Mulligan, Sulovski, Hall and Jonas.

On the defensive side, Conn Davis (a tight end transfer from UConn) makes an appearance at back up defensive tackle. Sam Breslin is now the second team free safety and it is a good reminder to me that he saw a lot of action last week. I almost forgot he was a freshman. The number 13 he was wearing reminded me a lot of Tom Morelli hanging around back there. Finally, freshman Chris Ekpo earns a cornerback back up spot. Raymon Taft was listed as the back up for both corners.

That is, in my humble opinion, quite a bit of youth there being served. They will have their hands full on Saturday, that's for sure. That said, a little shake up never hurt a team that got upset the week before, at home, and is full of question marks. Hopefully some of the guys are up to the challenge.


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