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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Bright Spot and Some Digestion

In good news, Steve Hansen got the Patriot League Rookie of the Week nod for week one. I must say I was very impressed by how this freshman, playing in his first collegiate game, was able to step right in and average over five yards a carry. It looked like he hurt his shoulder for a bit there, but if I'm not mistaken he made his way back into the lineup towards the end of the game. If he stayed in the whole time, he might have gotten himself closer to a 100 yard game.

He chose (or was given!) quite a number to live up to, and he definitely is a different style running back at 185 pounds (and from the stands that might be generous), but that's not too shabby to start off with. Who else had Hansen on their radar screens? I was thinking Jordan Scott or J.J. Bennett might see the field before any other newcomer. No matter what, it was a nice surprise. Congratulations Steve, on your first of what we all hope is many recognitions for your accomplishments!

Now, on to that digestion. A few days removed (as well as some helpful comments) have added these thoughts to my brain. First off, Saraceno still has potential. Let's not kick him to the curb for one bad half essentially. Anyone remember Chris Brown's first half against Lehigh in 2003? Also, in another Lehigh comparison, I recall Mountain Hawk fans calling for Borda to be removed after a shaky start last year, and look at where he is now. If Saraceno settles, he could be a fine quarterback for the Raiders.

Next, I really liked how Ben Evans got utilized on the pass. He is a great weapon for us. Kenny Parker can also develop into a potent offensive threat and will need to continue to step up to help DeWayne Long. Long really stood out on the field on Saturday, and will only continue to do so as he develops his relationship with a new QB.

In a non game essential topic, I loved the new checkerboard end zone look, but man, where are the 'gate helmet stickers? Plain maroon? I'm not a fan of that at all.

I can only hope this week produces some serious work and focus in practice, and this team hits the field with all they got on Saturday. Keep in mind everyone, the game starts at noon!


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