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Saturday, August 27, 2005

We've Got Captains

Nepa and Saraceno were named co-captains for this year. Nepa seems like a no brainer since he's already established himself as a defensive leader. Saraceno is interesting (and quite exciting) to see since he was not in school last fall semester. He must have impressed the coaches not only with skill but also work ethic and leadership to get the captain nod from Biddle. I think that's very good news for Raider fans - and it also should mean we'll see Mike under center to start the season. Keep in mind fans, he's a junior in terms of eligibility.


  • I wouldn't worry too much about our QB situation. Colgate has ALWAYS had a first tier QB, at least for the past 40-50 years with only a one season exception here or there. Under Biddle, we got freshman Vena then McCune then Brown. All were unproven when they stepped under center. Biddle knows how to pick QBs for his system.

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