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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

CCSU Game Notes are Up

Let the countdown begin. Time to read the Game Notes on the Athletic Website. My first glance through it made me take note of the two deep and some of the youngsters who broke in.

  • Rich Rosabella (frosh) as the second string center
  • Steve Jonas (frosh) as the second string right tackle
  • Erik Burke (soph) is behind Kenny Parker and is also returning kicks
  • Both ILB backups are sophomores, Robert Wenger and Mike Gallihugh
  • Our secondary is young except for Chris Williams. The entire second team and one cornerback are sophomores
I think this bodes well for the program. Young guys should get some reps this season and contribute to the team. And there are still plenty of seniors though to take charge and lead Colgate to victory. I think I like this situation a lot.


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