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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Pittsburgh Area High School QB

I ran across a little quote in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette that I found quite interesting. Moon High School has a quarterback by the name of Casey Williams. Mr. Williams appears to be quite an athlete, maybe along the lines of former Bucknell QB Daris Wilson. Casey will be a senior this fall and is returning to QB after spending last year as a running back. He's got great speed and ran for over 1,000 yards last year.

What caught my eye is this statement, which occurs after the obligatory comment by the coach that he wishes Williams attracted more Division I interest:

"Williams has attracted the interest of Ivy League schools including Columbia, Yale and Penn but said he is more interested in Patriot League schools such asBucknell and Lehigh."

Leaving the editorialization about I-AA is Division I interest, who else thinks it is pretty darn sweet to read about a kid saying "Yeah, the Ivies want me but I'm more interested in the Patriot League"? We've come a long way baby...

I just hope that if he is that good, he finds his way up to Hamilton instead of somewhere in Pennsylvania!


  • Lehigh's games are televised in the western PA area via FoxSportnet out of Pittsburgh. Maybe he's already gotten the sweet taste of Goodman Stadium? :-)


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:16 AM  

  • During this past recruiting season I got reports that some of the kids coming through Georgetown said essentially the same thing. I suspect that it might be a case where the academics are seen as comparable, but the football with 11 games and playoff potential (for two teams)is more attractive. Just speculating...

    By Blogger LBPop, at 5:28 PM  

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