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Thursday, April 28, 2005

New football schedules released

Colgate football future schedules

This is an interesting development. If I recall correctly, Columbia was on there for at least '06 and '07. Now they're gone and Albany and Monmouth come on board. Albany's not bad - they are going to a full scholarship program and could be on the rise by then. Monmouth was good last year (in a mid-major way; they beat G'town) and they have dreams of being in the PL or at least getting an auto-bid for the playoffs. I wish Monmouth was the opener before heading back to UMass.

Note that Towson is back on as a home and home and University of Buffalo wants another ass-kicking. I would have liked a different CAA team (they will be CAA and not A-10 by the time we play) but they're still coming from the top power conference in I-AA.

Also interesting is that we're getting six home games for '06 and '07; that's nice for the fans. The last part that I find interesting is that we have some space for a 12th game should that proposal go through in the NCAA. Every year has a off week and '08 has two. I believe that year is a 12 game year no matter what because of the calendar (much like 2003). Hopefully we will find another home game that year. Looking at who's already scheduled, it might be another NEC team making the trip to Andy Kerr.


  • NCAA Division I-AA teams can't play a 12th game under the new policy, only I-A teams

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:24 PM  

  • true... but the old policy allows 12 games in certain years depending on how the calendar works out.

    2003 was the last year that 12 games were allowed, hence Colgate's 15-1 record.

    2008 is the next year that the calendar works out so I-AA teams can have 12 games. This is completely independent of the new NCAA legislation of 12 games for I-A. I-A had 12 games in 2003 and would have had 12 in 2008 too. Now they have 12 every year.

    By Blogger colgate13, at 9:24 AM  

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