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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Looking Back: Where Are They Now?

The subject of coaching changes is a pretty hot topic right now. Fordham, Columbia, Georgia Southern, VMI, Elon... all looking for new coaches. Now is the time of year when some programs decide to go in another direction. It therefore popped into my mind this morning that about ten years ago Colgate was going through a similar situation and, thankfully, we all know the positive results.

But it also got me thinking further about the previous Colgate staff. Former Head Coach Ed Sweeny is the butt of a few jokes now and again, and generally is not fondly remembered by Colgate alums. However, the staff he assembled actually turned out to be a pretty good crew.

Take a look at where these coaches are now:

Ed Sweeney

After leaving Colgate, former Head Coach Sweeney landed at Frostburg State University. He went 30-11 at Frostburg before heading to Mount Ida College in Newton, Massachuesetts. I believe he started the program there and, this year aside, has had some pretty good results as the program has started winning more. This season looks like a bit of a step backwards with a 1-9 record. However, last year saw Mount Ida with a 6-2 record and a regional Division III ranking.

Mike Whalen

Former Associate Head Coach and Offensive Line Coach Whalen landed at Williams in 1997 as their offensive line coach and took over offensive coordinator responsibilities in 2001. He succeed the retiring head coach in 2004 and led the Ephs to a 6-2 record for each of his first two years. More importantly, he has kept Williams home field domination of Amherst alive for 20 years with a 34-23 win this past fall.

On a side note, if anyone wants to take a look at a really bad athletics website, head on over to Williams. The lack of attention given to sports and the mid 90's look of the site is disgraceful for such a high profile school and athletic program.

Mike Gibson

Former Offensive Coordinator Gibson has had an interesting career since leaving Colgate. He first landed as a "Guest Coach" in the CFL for a year before heading to Rutgers for four years. He then went back to the CFL for another year before trying another stint in the collegiate ranks with the University of Louisiana. He is now back in the CFL with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers as their Offensive Coordinator. He spent one year earlier with the Blue Bombers as their Offensive Line coach and was part of a team that went 14-4 and made it to the Grey Cup.

Dick Biddle

No need to go into detail here, but former running back coach has taken Colgate from 0-11 to nationally ranked contender. He's never had a losing season.

Dan Hunt

Former tight end coach Hunt is another holdover still at Colgate from the Sweeney era. He's now coaching quarterbacks and, like Biddle, apparently very successful.

Todd Williams

Williams coached the wide receivers under Sweeney. I can find no mention of him on the Internet. If anyone knows if he's still coaching, let me know.

Mike Kelleher

Named New England Assistant Coach of the Year in 2003, Kelleher has been the defensive coordinator for Brown for five years. That is the same position he held at Colgate.

Needless to say, Brown won the Ivy League title outright this year and Kelleher's name is being thrown around for potential head coaching gigs at places like Columbia.

Ed Argast

Argast coached the defensive line in his days at Colgate and after spending a season with Biddle as head coach, left to become the head coach of Canisius. Unfortunately for Argast, Canisius dropped their football program which means he was headed on the road again. First stop was as the offensive coordinator at Wagner in the NEC. He now enjoys the same position at Central Connecticut State and has a nice feather in his cap by virtue of the upset win against Colgate earlier this year.

Scott Meserve

Defensive End coach Meserve hung around at Colgate after the end of Sweeney, leaving in 1997. Like Williams, I can find no current record of him coaching on the Internet. Updated information would be welcome.

So looking back at this staff, I think it goes to show that there can be some very talented and successful coaches that get together and, for whatever reason, just can't seem to produce the results on the field. I'm glad the current combination we've got works so well!


  • Had dinner two weeks ago with Coach Dunlap after the Lafayette game. The ol' team from 1973 got together and had a grand time, despite the afternoon's debacle and Coach looks like he can still stalk the sideline. A real class gentleman. While a Colgate man at heart, he is fondly remembered on South Mountain and has been nominated for the Lehigh Hall of Fame. Many might consider that unusual, considering he left Lehigh with an overall losing record; but, I believe most recognize that he was the one who started the rejuvenation of what was a dormant football program in 1965 and turned it into a nationally prominent program that has been sustained ever since.

    By Blogger Ngineer, at 10:35 PM  

  • I always thought Sweeney was a victim of circumstances; the program was at an all-time low, his offensive approach was unsuited to 1-AA football, and the talent level had completely dried up after Dunlap's departure (his last recruits had left by 1991). At the same time, I have never been able to figure out why the team essentially quit on him in 1995. What a sad season that was.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:47 PM  

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