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Monday, November 28, 2005

More UNH Feedback

Another UNH fan has been kind enough to send me their impressions of the game on Saturday. Here goes:

I thought Colgate started out playing pretty good defense. UNH had one drive for a TD out of how many drives -- three anyway, maybe even five. Unfortunately, your offense just couldn't muster a drive to eat up time or get a score. The UNH punt return was huge. Eventually UNH got another score and it looked like Colgate would get a score to be down 20-7. But then UNH got an INT then a drive for a TD and it was 27-0. If that wasn't bad enough for Colgate, they threw another INT leading to the bomb to Ball just before halftime. 34-0, ball game over.

That's the thing about UNH, eventually they are probably going to score on you. Either they are running plays to establish stuff later or they are probing to determine what the defense will give them. You just can't give them extra opportunities. And once they get into a lead, the defense can really go into ball hawking, create turnovers, take gambles, blitz more, etc. It also forces a team like Colgate to alter their gameplan.

Frankly, our D didn't get enough credit for this game. They kept Colgate in check until the offense sprung into action. Take solace though, last week I felt UNH could score EVERY time it took the field on offense. I definitely didn't feel that way yesterday. And UNH buried some decent teams along the way this season with its offense.

Believe me, I understand how blowouts happen in the playoffs and aren't a true indication of the relative strengths of teams. Sometimes, once a team gets an advantage, it just mushrooms. UNH at Montana last year is a good example.
So all in all, some kind words from a UNH fan who has been following their team all season. I continue to be impressed with that club, and look forward to seeing what else they can do in these playoffs.


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