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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Some UNH Feedback

A poster on the Any Given Saturday website shot me a line to give me some insight into the scouting report I did. It is all good stuff to know about this team, so I thought I'd paste some of his comments here for us all to read:

I read your blog and one thing I have to add is that the passing numbers against UNH are swollen with garbage time scores. For example, this past Saturday when UNH went up 59-28, they put reserves in on defense. Maine kept the first string offense on the field and scored TDs. Don't get me wrong, they still scored 28 points, but the 47 wasn't a true indication of the defense's ability. When the game was on the line coming out of halftime after Maine scored a TD to end the 1st half (big Mo), the UNH defense stopped Maine while the offense scored four unanswered TDs. There were similar garbage time scores by Northeastern, Dartmouth, Towson and I believe Villanova.

Also, if you examine the TOP during UNH games, you'll notice that often UNH loses the TOP by significant time. Look at the Towson and Villanova games for example. UNH often scores quickly and puts the defense right back out on the field. 35 minutes of possession is a good goal but it always isn't enough.

UNH often plays a single RB and floods WRs down field. And our TE Jon Williams looks more like a WR than TE -- I'm constantly mixing him up with Aaron Brown (#86 WR) because their numbers are nearly the same (84 & 86) and their bodies appear the same (both 6'3" and not too much difference in weight). Usually if Santos has reasonable time, he will find someone with so many targets available. A good pass rush by Colgate is imperative. Maine had one Saturday, but Santos just scrambled for over 100 yards when he didn't have time for routes to develop. At halftime, UNH either made adjustments on line blocking or Maine adjusted, because he started to get more time. They also had a couple of perfect calls -- for example, WR screen to Ball when Maine was blitzing big time.

I don't think UNH will have significant advantages in athleticism or speed over Colgate. Ball is not a speed burner, but he's not a lumbering slug either. LeVan, Boyle, Williams and Brown all have decent speed. At RB, you missed Chris Ward but he didn't play vs. Maine and I don't know if he's out this week. He's not a speed guy either. That's a dimension missing on UNH. Redshirt Freshman Kaysonne Anderson was supposed to be that element but he blew out his knee in preseason.

Are there any prolific passing attacks in the Patriot? If not, you guys will be facing a very different offense on Saturday. And most likely UNH will have put in at least one new play for Colgate.

Scoring early will definitely help Colgate. A runback like W&M executed against UNH would also help you guys immensely. You really have to avoid getting down quickly as UNH likes to come out and drop quick scores on you and force you out of your game plan.

I'm looking forward to a good game because I know you're more skilled than the average AGS poster gives you credit for. And I know you'll be disciplined as well as smart.

Looks like a little snow (2") tomorrow in Durham, but so far the line for 4-9" is farther inland.
I think we've seen a prolific passing attach in Lehigh, but the results of that game show us what we need to do on Saturday.


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