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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Damn Turnovers

What a frustrating game to watch today. I will allow myself a one paragraph pity party to express my disgust. Colgate's three losses this season all come as a result of turnovers. If this team could hold on to the ball, the Raiders would be 8-0 and a force to be reckoned with. Instead, we're 5-3 and no longer in control of our own destiny for the autobid. We still control our fates in terms of league champions, but without some help, it will be a season of 'almost' or 'what-if'. This is the kind of stuff to make a fan's hair turn gray.
Now that I've got that off my chest, let me extend a hearty congratulations to Lehigh. You matched Colgate blow for blow and showed us what happens when you don't turn the ball over. You played solid football and came away with a tough win at Andy Kerr. I also believe the 50 points scored at home are the most ever by at Andy Kerr by a visiting team. The Mountain Hawks are a fine club, and let me tell you all this here and now: Sedale Threatt will be a name we all remember years from now. He looked better today than Borda when I saw him in last year's game - and Threatt is only a sophomore. That kid has talent, and is a containment nightmare. If he has the supporting cast to go with him, look out Patriot League and look out I-AA. I think he's the real deal.
Now on to Colgate, turnovers aside, the offense did outstanding. If you just look at the stats alone, we had over 500 yards of offense! We truly did have a coming out type of game on the offensive side of the ball. Our receivers are top notch, Jordan Scott is, much like Threatt, a name to remember. He will be a big one in my opinion. Mike Saraceno, even though he tried to do a bit too much sometimes and turned the ball over, has come a long way since Central Connecticut. To put it bluntly, our offense is good.
I was dissappointed that our defense did not have a bigger day; but with turnovers and Threatt emerging as a star, I am not that surprised. We did a pretty darn good job on pass defense by holding this outfit to under 200 yards in the air. However, several stupid personal fouls really hurt us as well. This defense is better than that. They have 3 games left to prove it.
I hope we rebound from this loss well. We still have PLENTY to play for. After last year's loss to Lehigh, we had the worst game of our season against Bucknell. I surely hope that does not happen again. A win against Lafayette would put us right back in first - and then we would become huge Lafayette fans for the rest of the year. With Holy Cross losing, it's up to the Leopards to open up the door to the playoffs for us... of course, only if we win. If we don't turn the ball over, I love our chances. If we do, I'll be right back here shaking my head.
Oh well, now, off to the message boards and score boards to see what everyone is talking about. At least hockey and women's soccer won!


  • 13 - That was a classy post in light of what I know was a tough loss. You guys really developed a nice offense this year after a slow start and I think if you defeat Lafayette and win out, and UMass finishes strong, and assuming Lehigh wins out, Colgate has a very good chance at an at-large bid. With that said, I think Lehigh caused a lot of the turnovers through a much better 2nd half defensive effort so this game wasn't a case of butter-fingers in sloppy conditions. It's been a wacky year thus far in I-AA so anything could happen, but I wouldn't at all mind two PL teams in the playoffs so long as LU is one of them. :)


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:59 PM  

  • Good Luck this week! I was in Florida this weekend and was stunned by the halftime score. But figured we were in good position, for it seems Lehigh has been a 'second half' team for a couple years, now. Why we wait until the second half to 'turn up the pressure' on opposing QB's is beyond me. Clearly 'gate's offense has found it's legs. The ol' "protect the football" mantra is what gives eveyone the balding and greying pates. LU has died with 'em this year. Finally a day when the 'worm turned'. Now beat up the 'pards!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:13 PM  

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