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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Cornell Impressions

That was a pretty good football game today, and if the Raiders can look like that for the rest of the season, you can shelve those 'rebuilding year' thoughts to the side and think about making a run at the Patriot League title. It was an all around solid effort and I think that is exactly the kind of game that Colgate needed. Some random thoughts:

-Sophomore Erik Burke is a solid #3 receiver and I'm glad to see that Saraceno found him as much as he did.
-Geoff Bean is turning into a return superstar to go along with his defensive prowess
- Jordan Scott just might be the tailback of the future for Colgate. He looked great today and has a nice combination of size and speed. I think the job is his.
-Mike Saraceno played the kind of game his supporters knew he could. If he can continue to grow, he will be an outstanding quarterback by the end of this year and next. He just needs to make the same type of decisions he made today.
-Our receiving corp is our best offensive strength. By Jordan Scott rushing as well as he did, the opportunties opened up in the air.
-The defense played solid, but can do better against the run. Cornell's sophomore back is a nice talent, so I'm not trying to be hard on the defense. They came to play and made plays when they had to.
-Ben Evans has some heart and skill at full back. I like that he's getting the ball as much as he is. He could stand to get it some more I think.
-Brent Dillingham is going to be one fine tight end.

So I guess the news is all good in Hamilton, especially when one looks long term. They just need to come to play as focused as they did today. Great job Raiders!

Also, recognition should go out to the Mountain Hawks who took it to Harvard, and Holy Cross who beat Yale for the first time since 1982. It was also good to see Bucknell get a win and I can't wait to read about the close game between Lafayette and Georgetown.

More to come after I have some time to digest this all!


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