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Friday, June 03, 2005

Buffalo Ice Hockey One Day?

A recent report released yesterday by the University of Buffalo made a passing comment that piqued my interest. The report is an outside assessment made by Gene Corrigan about the state of UB athletics. While they've got many headaches at UB, one of Corrigan's recommendations is to narrow their focus (read: cut some sports) and to explore sponsoring sports "that have potential for success due to UB's location, facilities or expertise, such as ice hockey and lacrosse."

I would love to see UB add hockey and/or lacrosse to their sports offerings. While I don't think UB is an ECACHL fit, another upstate school helps ice hockey exposure across the board. Buffalo's usual a pretty die hard sports town and I see no reason why a college ice hockey team, supported at the top level, couldn't succeed.


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