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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Recycling information

I've posted this early preseason ranking/thought list for the Patriot League elsewhere (you know who you are AGS...) but I thought it should at least find a home here too. I've added some minor edits, but I still think this ranking is on:

1 - Lehigh - top 15 AGS poll consideration
2- Lafayette - top 20 AGS poll consideration
3 - Colgate (the sentimental favourite of course)
4 - Fordham
5 - Bucknell
6 - Holy Cross
7 - Georgetown

1 - Lehigh returns a potent offense and some key defensive personnel. They have Lafayette at home and are smarting from a loss. That said, it has been noted elsewhere that Lehigh has failed to make the playoffs in years following a Lafayette loss. This could be the year to break that spell, but it's interesting to note. I've recently learned that Lehigh lost some key lineman, so it will be worth watching to see how they respond to some new faces in the trenches compared to 'gate last year.

2 - Lafayette. Last year's surprise team returns a solid group and gets Colgate at home - a team they've lost to since Biddle's been the coach. They just have the bullseye on their back this year and we'll see how they respond to pressure. I'll go out on a limb now and say I'll be surprised to see if they can win it two years in a row. Only Lehigh and Colgate have been able to do that since the mid 90s. But hey, if they can, more power to them.

3 - Colgate's going to have some new faces in the skill positions, but the defense will return some solid athletes and the O line got some good experience last year. LaMonica is no slouch at TB and I look for some youngsters to step up (such as Kenny Parker or transfer JJ Bennet and contend for the title. Colgate's got LU, FU and BU all at home this year, which helps. I think if 'gate gels early, they'll be in the title hunt at the end. I also look for Colgate's defense to regain some of its swagger with who they return.

4 - Fordham was young and rebuilding last year. They lose an all-american CB and a solid LB but otherwise they can make some waves in 2005. The real thing that I'm looking at is, this is now year two under Foley. Can be a winner?

5 - Bucknell loses their QB. He was a one man show in many games (see Colgate obviously). If they can replace him, then we'll have a different story for the Bison. If not, their defense will have to keep them in games.

6 - Holy Cross is young but they're making strides. They've still got some years to go but this could be the year they take someone down other than G'Town.

7 - G'Town at some point might break out, but until I see it, I won't believe it. They've got talent - they just need to learn how to win. Maybe the new stadium is what they need!


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